This is where you can access documents used to formulate the neighbourhood plan for Shipston, and some of the technical documents and reports associated with the plan’s development. For a detailed summary of the consultation process see the Draft Consultation Statement 2016 and Consultation Evidence File 2016. Simply click the relevant link to view or download a document.

Documents with a CEF number also form part of the Consultation Evidence File

Shipston Town Design Statement 2012

Housing Needs Survey 2013 (CEF 009)

Neighbourhood Plan launch documents 2012-2013

Business Surveys 2014 (CEF 011/012)

Evidence Base 2015 and 2016

These four documents (CEF 010) are the 2015 analysis of the issues and form the basis for the policies :-


Addenda have subsequently been published to two of the Audit and Issues Reports:-


An Issues and Opportunities Matrix was also used in the formulation of the policies:-

Draft Plans and Policies 2015

Options for the Town Centre CEF022

This section presents a set of options for the town centre.

Maps and Displays from Open Day (12/12/2015) CEF 023

Town wide questionnaire and Report February 2016

A town wide questionnaire was delivered to each household in Shipston-on-Stour in the week beginning 15th February 2016. The three documents following are:

  • A copy of the questionnaire.
  • A copy of the report produced from the questionnaire.
  • An appendix to the report listing all of the comments made by the respondents.

Record of Public Consultation

The draft Pre-Submission Plan and Associated Documents, November 2016

Additional Background Documents

District Council documents:

National Documents:

District Council documents: