Planning for Shipston’s future

Work is under way to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Shipston, to set out what we, local residents, businesses and other stakeholders, want for our community in the period 2011 to 2031.

Neighbourhood Plans are new to the planning system and are designed to enable local people to have more of a say in how their communities develop. Although the plans have limitations, they can give local people more of a voice in planning decisions.

Neighbourhood Plans are not just about housing. They can cover a variety of things, including parks and open spaces, infrastructure and economic prosperity. The plans can include initiatives designed to protect existing local features and services as well as priorities for new developments and enhancements.

The public consultation on the draft Shipston Neighbourhood Plan has now been completed. The Neighbourhood Plan team is currently reviewing all the responses and comments received. Where it is relevant and appropriate to do so, the required changes will be made to the plan before it is submitted to Shipston Town Council for approval.